“The Savage Poor Find Gold with New Album The Grown Ups”

Peter Gerstenzang, American Songwriter Magazine


“I don’t think this album could have come at a better time. If you stuck the Replacements, David Bowie, and John Prine in a blender, slowed them all down with some codeine, and let them stumble woozily around, you’d get The Savage Poor’s The Grown Ups. Alternately wrathful and mournful…a ride you don’t want to miss.”

Rachel Cholst, No Depression


"...inspired by the passion and possibilities of rock n’ roll, the subversive idealism of British punk, and the cinematic soundscapes of 80s indie, The Savage Poor create a vibrant, alternative rock that won’t be silenced.” 

Georgina Cook, KUTX


“One of the more important releases out of Austin so far this year.”

- William Michael Smith


…”this band [that] harkens back to the 1980s heyday of underground southwestern alternative-rock (before “indie” became the more common modifier). The Savage Poor cover a lot of territory on this intriguing debut.” – Peter Blackstock, Austin American Statesman


“The Savage Poor embrace alternative rock guided by social idealism with a fervent undercurrent of angst.” 

- The Deli Austin


“Good old fashioned rock ‘n roll, but one not afraid to tackle today’s world in songs.”

Thomas Gerbasi, Medium


“The Savage Poor rock (“Together in the Jungle”) and roll (“The Night of a Thousand Tuesdays”) with bracing immediacy. Listen closely: The Austin-based group's stunning debut The Grown Ups twists (“I Guess I Missed the Boat”) and turns (the title track) at all the right places. Very highly recommended.”

Brian Atkinson, Freelance Journalist


“A poetic and haunting vocal truth that touches on many social, environmental, and economic issues across the world today.”

Sara Bozich Blog